NEW YORK—Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives Richard Buery today announced the expansion of the CUNY Fatherhood Academy (CFA), a program of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Young […]

Fathers Incorporated Films DOUBLE HEADER in the ST. THOMAS, Virgin Islands this week. Spit’in Anger and Dark Hearts will be screening at the US Dept – Region […]

Keep Your Children Active

Each Saturday morning, rain or shine we pack up our son’s karate gear and haul him off for one hour of instruction. It wasn’t a calculated choice […]

We Need to Talk About How We Frame Our Boys.

We Need to Talk About How We Frame Our Boys.

I Hate Waking Up Without My Child in the House

I realized something the other day about my children, but more specifically about the ones that don’t permanentely live under my roof. I really don’t like waking […]

After 50, Are Birthdays a Point of Frustration?

Yesterday I turned 54. While many will see that as a major milestone in the life of a black man (or any man for that matter); tell […]

Please Support Documentary by 16-year-old Nzinga Braswell. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO SUPPORT OUR WORK…WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT…Tickets for Fathers Incorporated’s Annual Fundraising Gala is now on sale. […]

parentsmagazine: The Couple Behind the Viral Video ‘Bun in the Oven’ Had to Deliver Baby at 24 Weeks

DMX Wants Imposter Earl Simmons to Pay His Child Support

Jesus, Take the Wheel! Most things I can get my head around and make them relevant to the work that we do at Fathers Incorporated. This Dude! […]