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Absent fathers no longer: men confront stereotypes to become involved parents | Life and style | The Guardian

On a Saturday in late October, in the working-class Boston suburb of Revere, an organization called the Fatherhood Project held a scheduled playgroup for dads and kids. About 10 […]


Dads Pad Live with Walter Simpkins

Dads Pad Live with Walter Simpkins; CEO of Community Fathers in Schenectady, New York following the 4th Annual Fatherhood Conference.


My People: Time To Heal / Special Edition 5FLO

5FLO – TIME TO HEAL – The atmosphere today is filled with grief and disappointment. It’s a time when we need time to grieve and find a […]


Dads Pad Live Speaks to David Miller

Dads Pad Live caught up with CEO of Dare To Be King; David Miller in Schenectady, New York at the 4th Annual Community Father Conference. You can […]

father spinning son's around in park

Should Men Be Able to Opt Out of Fatherhood? | VICE | United States

Matt Dubay and Lauren Wells had broken up by the time she discovered she was pregnant. The two had only dated for a few months and had […]

PHOTOS BY Ramona Galapon-Wilson, Juvenile Justice Incentive Grant Program Administrator for Muscogee County, Georgia

Family Focused: Opposite of ‘Scared Straight,’ Intervention Helps Youth Connect and Feel Understood | Youth Today

via Family Focused: Opposite of ‘Scared Straight,’ Intervention Helps Youth Connect and Feel Understood | Youth Today


Where is Our Integrity?

This political atmosphere is forcing us to ask the question about integrity. As we watch the debates for the most important job on the planet, we must […]


Eight Reasons to Empower Girls in Schools – Education Week

As Fathers, there is so much work to do with our girls. via Eight Reasons to Empower Girls in Schools – Education Week


Choose A Book And Read To Your Barber, He’ll Take A Little Money Off The Top : NPR

Recent articles are pointing the challenges of encouraging boys to read; particularly black boys. Individuals are finding innovative ways to increase interest in boys for reading. Fathers […]