Where is Our Integrity?

This political atmosphere is forcing us to ask the question about integrity. As we watch the debates for the most important job on the planet, we must […]


Eight Reasons to Empower Girls in Schools – Education Week

As Fathers, there is so much work to do with our girls. via Eight Reasons to Empower Girls in Schools – Education Week


Choose A Book And Read To Your Barber, He’ll Take A Little Money Off The Top : NPR

Recent articles are pointing the challenges of encouraging boys to read; particularly black boys. Individuals are finding innovative ways to increase interest in boys for reading. Fathers […]


False Domestic Abuse Claims: the impact on your divorce or separation

By: Jeffery M. Leving; Matrimonial Attorney Did you ever yell at your spouse in a heated argument or touch your partner’s arm to emphasize a point in […]


Most low-income dads stay involved with their kids: Study –

via Most low-income dads stay involved with their kids: Study –


5FLO w/ Kenneth Braswell – Why Is Success Alluding You?

Why does success seem to allude you? You’re working everyday and there seems to be no progress. Life just isn’t getting any better. Here are three reasons […]

Father and son on country hike

Involving Dads In Lives Of Children Born Out Of Wedlock | Huffington Post

via Involving Dads In Lives Of Children Born Out Of Wedlock | Huffington Post

Portrait of father and baby

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month: Resources for Programs

National Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated September 15 to October 15, recognizes the important contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States, as well as celebrates […]

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Understanding Passion, Purpose and Position

Often in life we struggle to understand its meaning. We purchase self-help books, see therapists, go to church and spend time getting bad advice from family and […]


Child Support Awareness Month: A Look at How Child Support is Evolving (Webinar)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 12:30 – 02:00 PM EDT August is Child Support Awareness Month. Register Here State and local child support offices are scheduling special events […]