Fatherhood and Depression In Children Can be Linked

Adolescents whose fathers have depressive symptoms are more likely to experience symptoms of depression themselves, finds a new study.

Atlanta Fatherhood Institute (AFI) to Launch Partnership with the University For Parents

The University For Parents is an ideal platform for AFI to deliver its evidence-informed and model-based curricula on responsible fatherhood.

Fathers At Forefront, Taking Leading Roles in Child Rearing

by Nisa Muhammad for The Final Call “These new statistics legitimize the narrative I’ve been talking about even blogging about. Black men have been in the lives […]

Combining Reading and Writing for Your Child

By Ryan Crawley for Dadspadblog.com – Many people mistakenly believe literacy only refers to reading. However, that is a misnomer. Literacy is much more than that. Literacy […]

Dads: Can You Still Get A Good Job Without A BA Degree?

30 Million Workers Without a Bachelor’s Degree Have Good Jobs Says New Georgetown University Research The jobs are shifting from blue collar to skilled-services industries (Washington, D.C., […]

More Children Live With Just Their Fathers Than a Decade Ago

Over One-Quarter of Children Under Age 18 Live With One Parent NOV. 16, 2017 — The percentage of children living with one parent who live with just their […]

6 Websites to Develop Literacy Skills for Young Children

Children love to hear classic fairytales over and over again. Even as an adult, it is something that we really don’t outgrow.

Ways for a Father to Inspire a Love of Reading

By Ryan Crawley (dadspadblog) – There will never be a bigger role model in a child’s life than their father. Because of this, it’s a bit heartbreaking […]

The whiteness of children’s books

Imaginary black children remain almost as marginalised as real ones, at least in mainstream publishing. In literature, as in life, the belief that children are valuable, vulnerable and in need of protection has mostly been denied to black children in the United States.

What It Takes to Be A 21st Century Man and Father

As more women are entering the workforce and taking the world by storm, men are now expected to be equal partners at work, raising children, and performing household duties.

How to Survive Grocery Shopping with a Young Kid

by Shannon Serpette for Dadpadblog.com You might be a beast in the gym, the top dog at work and ordinarily cool under pressure, but if the thought of […]