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5 Tips for Raising a Healthy and Active Toddler

With 40 percent of all adults in the United States being officially labeled as obese, it makes us dads worry a bit. We do not want our young sons or daughters to learn bad habits early on in life that will lead to weight problems.

Bestselling Author Releases Sequel Children’s Book focusing on A Father in Health Crisis!

“Daddy Is Feeling Blue” continues to stimulate critical and complicated conversations between parents and their young children.

Fathers Incorporated Partnered with COSEBOC to Advance Reading for Boys of Color

On Monday, May 16, 2016 at Tougaloo College the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color (, a national education organization focusing on increasing academic outcomes for […]

When An Old Dude Has a Baby Boy!

This past weekend as I often am, I was trapped by the energy of my 7 year old son. So, why would I say “trapped.” Well all […]

My Son’s Smile: Fatherhood Priceless

Sometimes a moment in your life can last a lifetime. Today I had the chance; like many times before to read to my son’s class. However this […]

The Impact of Absent Fathers on the Mental Health of Black Boys

This rarely talked about subject is critically important in address the impact of fatherlessness in our children. The Impact of Absent Fathers on the Mental Health of […]

The Reflection I Can’t Help Seeing!

Today like many times my son and I are together; I get to see a glimpse of myself time past. It’s in these quiet reflection moments that […]

Parenting the Bruce Lee in Me!

This weekend I watched my six-year-old place first place in Karate in both form and sparring. The night before him and I watched youtube episodes of Bruce […]

How Many Times Should I Let My Son Get Hit In the Face with the Ball?

The other day I attended my 6 year old son’s basketball ball. Well basketball game might be a loose description for 10 little boys running from one […]