I heard it all before, have even said it; “I don’t want anybody touching my feet,” “feet are made for walking, not touching,” “I wouldn’t be caught dead in a nail salon.” Yep, I’ve said it, now look at me. On a regular, I’m up in the nail salon getting my feet and nails done. Now before you jump to any conclusions, know that I have a beautiful wife, pee with the toilet seat up, chew food with my mouth open, grab my crotch and will whoop your ass if I have to. I’m ALL MAN; hear me roar!

A few years ago I was reading an article about creating moments with your children. It talked about doing things that create long lasting bonding moments. The article went on to say, think outside of the box. So one weekend, my youngest daughter and I was in the mall and passed a nail salon. Inside was two men with two little girls getting “their feet done.” (salon jargon for clipping your toenails, getting the crust off the bottom of your feet and some other special stuff if you want it). I thought to myself, hmmmmmm, I’d have to get over some “man thinking” stuff, but I could do that.

So my daughter and I took the plunge. I’ve since added my other daughter and occasionally my wife. Thus, as a result of this brave new move, my daughters now ask me without hesitation, “dad, can we go get our feet done.” Yeah, it often sounds weird, but I’m over it because I know that the time we spend together talking and laughing while we’re there can’t be replaced.


So men/fathers, why should you take the plunge? Here are my 3 reasons why:

  1. The reduced cost of shedding your bed sheets, punching holes in your socks and cutting up your wife’s legs is enough to make the time spent worthwhile for everybody involved.
  2. It is a great way to show your girls how much you are willing to sacrifice for them. Yes, you might have to leave a little of your manhood at the door, but you can pick it back up on your way out. The example of manhood will do them well in selecting their own mates. If a dude can’t show a little vulnerability, what else is he hiding?
  3. It’s a great way to relax, reduce stress and give you time to think, reflect and assess.
  4. Bonus: Where else will your wife let you go to let another woman play with your feet without you having to sleep on the couch or having your clothes thrown out the window!

All jokes aside…show your daughters a little tenderness. They want it and need it.

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