This past weekend as I often am, I was trapped by the energy of my 7 year old son. So, why would I say “trapped.” Well all of his siblings are out of the house and when he doesn’t have an extracurricular activity going on; I’m it. In a moments notice, I have to be anything from the guy he’s trying dunk on, Darth Vader, some other battle character or his amusement as he destroys me in some Xbox game because my eyes, mind and fingers can’t remember the combination to throw a death punch!

It all happened when he was born and I realized that I was 47 years old having another child. Which meant in my head, by the time he was 18, I’d be 65. Damn; did I just say that! Damn, Damn, Damn! Ok, I figured I’d have at least until then to admit that I was old. No chance. Every time I’m around him in some physical way, he reminds me. How many times can I say, “I got something to do,” in order to make an excuse that I’m just worn out.

Despite my need to take 15 minute breaks every 5 minutes, we do find ways to have fun together. Some of that fun on a tennis court, basketball court and even occasionally in an Xbox game.

If you told me at 20, I’d have a son at 47, I would of given you the obvious answer; “you must be crazy.” However, here I am. As a result I’m doing a few things just to keep up with him.

  • Getting my butt in shape. I may not be able to beat him in a race; but I can at least strive to not breath as hard as him after a game. (which probably won’t ever happen without an oxygen tank).
  • Eating healthier, because while I may not be able to jump as high as he can; at least I’m around to jump with him.
  • Reading and studying the combinations to NBA16 on xBox, because if he beats me one more time by 80 points..Well, I’m just saying!
  • Enjoying every moment I possibly can with him. I did not have my father in my life and often times I see myself in my son. I wonder what it must feel like to have a father in your life and never want him to have to experience that. If I have to live until I’m 120, so be it.
  • Making sure he never sees “old man” stuff in my medicine cabinet i.e.: Ben Gay, gauze wraps, Old Spice, 500 ct. box of Tylenol or my hidden AARP card.
  • Lastly, letting the boy he is, see and spend time with the boy in me. He has a long time before he has to grow up. For now, I want him just to remain seven and not have to worry about anything except what kind of cereal he’s gonna eat in the morning.

If you are an OLD DUDE with a child; particularly a boy; don’t worry about your heart keeping up in the race, be more concern about it keeping up in love.


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  1. This was a wonderful post! You made me long for days gone by when I was my son’s primary playmate. You made me laugh out loud as you recounted your video game disability. Most of all, you reminded me of just how awesome and exciting it is to be a father.


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