Month: March 2016

Atlanta Teen Produces Documentary to Advocate for Girl’s Empowerment in Ghana, Africa

Atlanta, GA— A Queen’s Discovery: A Young Girl’s African Journey To Find Her Greatness Within” was submitted for the 2016 International Film Festival hosted by the Atlanta Alumnae Chapter […]

“2015 Deadliest Year for Domestic Violence in a Decade for Georgia”

When I saw this headline yesterday on, a local news affiliate in Savanah, I was reminded that, as a Fatherhood organization, we MUST initiate and take […]

Expressing Love in Blended Families

One of the most challenging things in life may be trying to successfully blend together two separate families with different expectations, experiences, and backgrounds. And being a […]

Noncustodial Dads Don’t Get the Luxury of being a “Good Enough” Parent

I was in several states last week doing qualitative research with fathers on behalf of Fathers Incorporated. As I sat taking copious notes observing focus groups and […]

The Vicious Cycle of Fatherhood

The alpha and omega; the yin and yang, the beginning and the end, the ups and the down are all apart of the craziness and beauty of fatherhood. […]

“Are You My Daddy?” How would you respond?

#Throwbackblog Let me start by saying God has a funny way of placing your anointing in front of you to remind you of the work still before […]

What Happens When Parents Overthink Things!?

If You Had A Choice; (person living or dead) Who Would You Like to Have Dinner With? (take a moment and answer this before you read on […]

Inspiring your daughter’s inner Girl Boss

by Special Guest Blogger: Fatherhoodgov There’s something special about dads and daughters. It’s a special and unique connection, and beyond being a source of happiness, being a […]

Let’s Learn a Daddy Daughter Dance

If you don’t mind being out danced; looking old or having your feet hurt, this Daddy Daughter Dance may be for you. I had the pleasure of […]

Five Things Fathers Need Their Little Girls To Know

I recently saw a Facebook post (from December 2013) of a father in Michigan that caught a 20 year old pedophile attempting to have sex with his 13 […]

The Certainty of Homework: Four Tips to Make Homework Work

Benjamin Franklin famously stated that the only two certainties in life are “death and taxes.” Let us add “homework” to Franklin’s list. Nearly everybody – child or […]

What do we know about work with fathers in rural communities?

In our outreach and communication with fatherhood programs and dads throughout the country, there are a number of questions that often come up. Two in particular are: […]