I’m sitting today with what seems to be everyday occurrence with this knot in my neck. I know its stress, anxiety about the accomplishment of goals, not enough sleep and a To-Go diet. However I know I have to push through, Right? Who else is gonna do my job?

One of my tasks is finishing a children’s book I’m releasing for Father’s Day 2015 entitled, “Daddy Is Feeling Blue.” In the book the father has an heart attack and his son provides some wisdom he learned in school about eating healthy. In addition he hears the typical from his doctor; get rest, eat healthy and exercise more.

I know all the horror statistics about Men’s Health but somehow that doesn’t stop me from having a soda for breakfast and a healthy amount of chocolate to top it off. Is it just me, or can you relate.

Anyway, I’m now surfing the internet for ways to lose weight without having to lift a finger, change my diet or spend any money on a gym membership. Then to my surprise another option. The possibility of still being able to eat, do my work and exercise at the same time!

However if I’m gonna get it; I have to ruin my families plan to get me another gift I don’t want and invest in a gift that will keep on giving. This is not a commercial and I’m not being paid for this (however, I would like the company to give me one.)

Guys, check this out. A treadmill that has a desk. The TR1200-DT7 treadmill desk from LifeSpan® is what my body has been asking for. It may be the only thing that will save me from having my stomach extend any further beyond my belt.

So @SportsAuthority and @LifeSpanFitness if you are reading this. I got some ideas. Give a brotha a hollar; we can make some things happen. @fathersincorp and www.fathersincorporated.com

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