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Atlanta Teen Produces Documentary to Advocate for Girl’s Empowerment in Ghana, Africa

Atlanta, GA— A Queen’s Discovery: A Young Girl’s African Journey To Find Her Greatness Within” was submitted for the 2016 International Film Festival hosted by the Atlanta Alumnae Chapter […]

“2015 Deadliest Year for Domestic Violence in a Decade for Georgia”

When I saw this headline yesterday on WCOT.com, a local news affiliate in Savanah, I was reminded that, as a Fatherhood organization, we MUST initiate and take […]

The Vicious Cycle of Fatherhood

The alpha and omega; the yin and yang, the beginning and the end, the ups and the down are all apart of the craziness and beauty of fatherhood. […]

Five Things Fathers Need Their Little Girls To Know

I recently saw a Facebook post (from December 2013) of a father in Michigan that caught a 20 year old pedophile attempting to have sex with his 13 […]

You Can Add “Feet” to the List of New Fatherhood: 3 Reasons Why!

I heard it all before, have even said it; “I don’t want anybody touching my feet,” “feet are made for walking, not touching,” “I wouldn’t be caught […]

My Home Has Changed Without My Child

So about 9 months ago my Wife and I drove 17 hours from Atlanta to Albany, New York to watch our daughter walk across the stage of […]

Is it Too Soon to Tell My Family What I Want for Father’s Day?

I’m sitting today with what seems to be everyday occurrence with this knot in my neck. I know its stress, anxiety about the accomplishment of goals, not […]

Sharing a Night with Chick-fil-a, Dads and Daughters

It couldn’t have been a more touching night for Fathers Incorporated to be involved with. Chick-fil-a hosted its annual Daddy Date Night and we were able to […]

Three Things To Know When Preparing to Teach Your Children to Drive

By Kenneth Braswell Recently I took my 16-year-old daughter out for her second driving lesson. Well, I’ll stop short of calling it a lesson; let’s just say […]