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Creating a Lifetime Memory by Bringing Your Child to Work

When the daughter of one of my employees was about eight years old he took her to work at the environmental engineering firm that I owned. Once […]

Fathers Incorporated’s Favorite TV Dads

Through the years we have had strong  yet beautiful images of Black fathers on television. For no particular reason we just decided to share our favorite because […]

Are You Letting The Day Get Away From You? How To Become Ruthless About Getting Stuff Done

Have you ever thought about how short life really is? When you’re in your teens and twenties it seems like you’ve got all the time on earth […]

The Vicious Cycle of Fatherhood

The alpha and omega; the yin and yang, the beginning and the end, the ups and the down are all apart of the craziness and beauty of fatherhood. […]

The Certainty of Homework: Four Tips to Make Homework Work

Benjamin Franklin famously stated that the only two certainties in life are “death and taxes.” Let us add “homework” to Franklin’s list. Nearly everybody – child or […]

Sharing a Night with Chick-fil-a, Dads and Daughters

It couldn’t have been a more touching night for Fathers Incorporated to be involved with. Chick-fil-a hosted its annual Daddy Date Night and we were able to […]

Create a Winning Team through Group Facilitation

In the 2005 movie Coach Carter, Samuel L. Jackson plays a high school basketball coach challenged with developing his team into successful students, competitors, and citizens. He […]

Where is the Tank Rental Place? If you are like most men, I can remember the first time bringing my babies home from the hospital. I felt […]

Ariz. dad ‘deliberately’ drove his family into lake: cops

This Hurts Like Hell… When I first saw this, my heart broke and then my eyes became watery.  Then I began to get angry at him for […]