Where is the Tank Rental Place?

If you are like most men, I can remember the first time bringing my babies home from the hospital. I felt like I was on a 007 mission to get my child into the car and safely home. I’ve only done a 10pt check of my car 2 times in my life. The days I was actually there for the birth of my children. It started with the purchase of the car seat; where I held the Walmart clerk hostage for 2hrs until I learned everything I needed to know about car seats.

It proceeded over the next days or weeks where I gave myself rigorous exams on the instructions in the seat manual. On the days to which it was time to take my child(ren) home, I believe I got the oil changed, tires check, registration and license confirmed and called AAA for the safest route from the hospital to the house.

On the two hour drive home that would typically take 15 minutes..I paused to ensure the light was actually red or green and that there was no traffic even attempting to cross my path. I continuously had one eye on the road and one eye in the rear view mirror to ensure the baby was safe.

Having successfully brought two babies home from the hospital, hindsight tells me that making sure the car seat was installed correctly, might have been enough. However, If I could have rented a tank; I would!

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