This Hurts Like Hell…

When I first saw this, my heart broke and then my eyes became watery.  Then I began to get angry at him for this horrible act. I thought in my head, what a heartless, cowardly, animalistic, unforgiving and disturbing thing for a man/father/husband to do. That no act of murder is justified and certainly an innocent wife and her children.

But then I began to think, ‘what kind of man would contemplate killing himself, his wife and children?”

My answer; I don’t know what kind of man, because my brain won’t even allow me to enter that space. What I do know is that because most parents would feel this way, there had to be something mentally unchecked with him. Maybe he could of just been all the aforementioned words I used in the first paragraph. However, more than likely something mental was going on, depression, guilt, trauma etc.

Whatever it was, it should draw attention to the need to advance the work around dealing with mental health issues as it relates to men and its impact on their families. No one wants to talk about men having mental issues, because its too easy to get away with just calling them animals. Yet the more we ignore it, the more of these senseless headlines and others we wake up to in the morning news. These stories should motivate the health profession to want to know more about the mental stability of men/fathers/husbands. We already know that there is a resistance of men to even talk about this subject. There is even less resources available and research conducted to help inform and assist in the matter.

How many headlines like this is it gonna take?

Ariz. dad ‘deliberately’ drove his family into lake: cops

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