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Fathers Incorporated’s Gentle Warriors Academy, a leading institution dedicated to supporting fathers and families, has announced the release of their latest brochure titled “Promoting Mental Health & Well-being: A Guide for Fathers.” This comprehensive guide aims to empower fathers by promoting awareness about mental health, providing practical strategies to manage stress, and fostering emotional well-being.

The brochure underscores the significance of mental health in fatherhood, and offers insightful tips on recognizing mental health needs, reducing stress, and achieving a balanced lifestyle. It also details resources for immediate help in times of crisis.

Kenneth Braswell, CEO of Fathers Incorporated, applauds the initiative. He states, “Mental health is often an overlooked aspect of fatherhood. This brochure is an important step in addressing that gap, providing fathers with vital tools and information to understand and manage their mental health effectively. It’s about empowering fathers to be the best they can be, not just for their families, but for themselves.”

The brochure’s easy-to-understand language, combined with its actionable advice, makes it a valuable resource for fathers at all stages of parenting. From recognizing symptoms of mental health challenges, to managing work-life balance, to nurturing social connections, the brochure covers a wide range of topics pertinent to a father’s mental health journey.

Gentle Warriors Academy, through this initiative, continues to demonstrate its commitment to supporting fathers’ mental health. By addressing this critical topic, the Academy hopes to create a more open dialogue about mental health among fathers and contribute to a healthier, happier society.

As Braswell eloquently puts it, “Mental health isn’t just about overcoming struggles, it’s also about nurturing our strengths. It’s about celebrating our resilience, our compassion, and our capacity to love as fathers. This brochure helps us to do just that.”

The “Promoting Mental Health & Well-being: A Guide for Fathers” brochure is available for free at Gentle Warriors Academy and can be downloaded at

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