We at Fathers Incorporated are deeply saddened by the untimely passing of world champion sprinter and three-time Olympic medalist, Tori Bowie. Ms. Bowie’s tragic death is a harsh reminder of the significant disparities in maternal health outcomes in our nation, particularly among Black mothers.

It is alarming that in the United States, a country with some of the most advanced healthcare technologies and resources, we continue to see such glaring racial and ethnic disparities in maternal health. It is unconscionable that Black mothers are 3 to 4 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than their white counterparts. This is not just a public health crisis; it is a moral imperative that calls for our collective action.

In this light, we unequivocally support the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act – H.R. 3305, put forth by Rep. Lauren Underwood. This comprehensive bill aims to dismantle the systemic racial and ethnic inequities that pervade our healthcare system, particularly in maternal healthcare. It represents an important step towards ensuring that every mother, regardless of her race or background, can access the quality healthcare she deserves during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

The Momnibus Act is about more than healthcare reform – it is about recognizing the value of Black women’s lives, their right to safe and dignified maternal care, and the fundamental role they play in the fabric of our families and communities. We stand with Rep. Underwood in her efforts to secure a safer, more equitable future for Black mothers.

But, it’s not just about policy. We recognize that fathers play a critical role too. At Fathers Incorporated, we advocate for active and responsible fatherhood. As fathers, husbands, partners, we need to stand with and for the women in our lives. We need to lend our voices to demand change, to advocate for the health and well-being of our partners and children.

In honor of Tori Bowie, and countless others who have lost their lives due to disparities in maternal health, we call on all fathers and father figures to join us in supporting the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act. Together, we can contribute to a future where every mother can safely bring a new life into the world, and every father can fulfill his role in supporting maternal health.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and loved ones of Tori Bowie. May her legacy inspire action and change in maternal health.

Kenneth Braswell, CEO, Fathers Incorporated

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