ACF Announces New Name for Federal Child Support Office to Reflect Family-Centered Approach – Commissioner Tangular Gray to be a guest on I Am Dad Podcast for Fathers Day.

As we embrace the transformation of the Office of Child Support Enforcement to the Office of Child Support Services (OCSS), we at Fathers Incorporated feel a renewed sense of responsibility and pride in our mission. The rebranding of this important office reflects not just a name change but a paradigm shift from mere enforcement to a more inclusive, family-oriented approach.

In the words of Kenneth Braswell, our esteemed CEO, “The evolution of the Office of Child Support Services signifies a crucial recognition of the importance of both parents in the life of a child. Child support is not simply a financial transaction; it is an affirmation of the roles both parents play in nurturing and supporting their children.”

Fatherhood is not just about financial contributions, it’s about emotional involvement, presence, commitment, and shared responsibility. This is what we’ve always believed at Fathers Incorporated, and it’s why we champion responsible fatherhood.

The ACF’s renewed approach focuses on ‘serving the whole family’, advocating for family self-sufficiency. The recognition of this value on a federal level sends a powerful message that shifts the narrative from enforcement to service, from obligation to responsibility.

Our society often places a heavy burden on noncustodial parents, predominantly fathers, which sometimes instills fear and anxiety about child support enforcement. This significant step taken by the ACF provides us with an opportunity to counteract this fear and show parents that the child support system is not against them but rather is here to serve and support their efforts.

We see this as a significant opportunity for fathers to step up, to contribute more than just finances. It’s a chance to provide emotional and moral support, quality time, love, guidance, and mentorship, thereby creating a holistic support system for their children.

The commitment of the OCSS towards promoting employment programs, fatherhood initiatives, and family-centered services is a testament to the importance of fatherhood in child support. As Braswell aptly puts it, “Fatherhood is more than a title; it’s an action. Every initiative that empowers a father, indirectly strengthens the child, the family, and our society at large.”

Embracing this transformation, let’s make a collective effort to create a more inclusive, supportive environment for our children. Remember, responsible fatherhood means providing for the needs of your children, not just financially, but emotionally and physically as well.

With the new face of the OCSS, we look forward to a future where every child can depend on the love, support, and commitment of both parents. We, at Fathers Incorporated, remain committed to this vision and continue to stand by the fathers who strive to make this vision a reality.

Join I Am Dad podcast Fathers Day (June 18th at 8 AM) as we welcome a “Father’s Day Conversation with the Commissioner of the Office of Child Support Services” – Tangular Gray anda special message from Kenneth Braswell, CEO of Fathers Incorporated on most podcast platforms or and YouTube at

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