Agency to release documentary, “A Queens Discovery” for a limited time; free to the public.

Washington, DC (July 20, 2018) – The Literacy Empowerment Action Project (LEAP) Board of Directors announce the ribbon-cutting ceremony and dedication of the Barbara E. Alexander Memorial Library and Timber Nkwanta Health Post on July 31, 2018 at 3:00pm in Timber Junction, Kofuridua. A delegation of more than 15 educators, librarians, and professionals will travel from the United States to Ghana and join with local dignitaries and community leaders to mark the special occasion.

The public is invited to attend the ceremony in Timber Nkwanta, which begins at 3:00 pm and will include welcoming remarks from key players, the dedication of the building, and a tour of the facility.

LEAP was co-founded in 2012 by award-winning author Kwame Alexander after attending the enstoolment ceremony for American business woman, Juanita Britton, who became the Queen Mother Nana Botwe Adobea II. The mission remains to provide innovative literacy, school improvement, and youth development programming to expand educational opportunities and strengthen developing communities. To create a world where all children have access to quality education to reach their full potential and become agents of change for their communities.

To that end, since its inception, LEAP has successfully implemented an ambitious, multi-phase literacy-based improvement program, providing scholarships for girls to attend high school, offering literacy training for teachers, and facilitating summer literacy camps for students.

The brand, new library and health clinic will support the students of Timber Nkwanta School and the surrounding village, which is located in the eastern region of Ghana. LEAP has funded the majority of the comprehensive literacy project through donations from individual and corporate supporters. Ceinode Ghana, a local NGO, under the direction of Emefa Ansah, managed the completion of the project.

“This fully stocked library and health post will mean so much to everyone in the village – the children, parents, educators and anyone who visits,” says Juanita Britton, founder of BZB International, Inc. “It is a vibrant, kid-friendly space designed to improve literacy, to advance technological competencies, and to provide educational training, community-enriching activities, and basic medical services.”

“These centers are one-of-a kind in the region, and we are so grateful and honored to announce its opening,” Britton continues. “This is an historical accomplishment and a true testament to the dedication and collaboration of LEAP and the builders in the community.”

“We are excited to continue our role in Leap for Ghana and bringing our contribution of introducing Real Dads Read,” say Kenneth Braswell, Executive Director of Fathers Incorporated. For a limited time, we will show our Award Winning Documentary, “A Queen’s Discovery” the highlights a small sample of the work in Ghana.

LEAP founder, New York Times best-selling author and publisher, Kwame Alexander, who will lead the delegation with Britton, adds, “The illiteracy rate in Ghana is 60 percent. That’s unacceptable. I want to do my part to get kids learning and loving to read. Children with access to books have an opportunity to expand their knowledge, use their imagination be inspired by stories, and open up a world of possibility for themselves and their community. It is our hope that this library will support many remarkable journeys.”

About the Literacy Empowerment Action Project: LEAP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing innovative literacy, school improvement, and youth development programming to developing communities. The LEAP Nikki Giovanni Scholarship Fund provides students with financial assistance and mentorship to ensure successful completion of secondary school.

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