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Technology is an amazing thing. There is literally an app for just about everything nowadays. The phrase “there’s an app for that” is definitely correct. And all these apps being created in 21st century could not come at a better time for fathers.

By 2018, millennials will be making up about 90 percent of all new parents. It is no secret that millennials are considered often self-centered and most worried about themselves. So throwing children in the mix definitely changes their world.

Many millennial fathers probably aren’t too far removed from having their parents taking care of them. Now they are in the position to be taking care of not only a newborn baby, but the baby’s mother as well. They are entering an uncertain realm.

Luckily, as mentioned above, new millennial fathers may be in good hands. There are hundreds of parenting apps that could prove to be invaluable to them. Listed below are some parenting apps clearly created for fathers. A few of these just might be able to help you!

Daddy Up

Daddy Up is a new father app that guides you step by step through the pregnancy. They not only furnish sound advice, but a checklist that will certainly be of great assistance as the delivery date draws near. They remind the new father of things that they should be researching. Do you know the current birthing methods? Has the nursery already been planned out? Is a savings plan ready to be activated once the child is born? All great things to be aware of for your newborn’s sake!

Quick Tips for New Dads

This app has been featured online and on television as the ultimate survival guide for new dads. Something that people like about this app is that it has short and quick answers available without much digging needed. They have many sections, such as The Weird Stuff Nobody Tells You, that makes it stand out above the rest of similar apps. There are also step by step guides on how to change a diaper, bathe a child, and other similar things that you will soon be experiencing. Plus, it has photos that will make everything even easier to understand.

Baby Shusher

One of the main worries of new parents has to do with a crying baby. Who is going to calm the child down in the middle of the night as the baby wakes up the household? Do we even know how to get the baby to stop crying? You have probably seen in stores all of those fancy sound machines that parents buy for their babies. There are numerous sounds to choose from and they are all supposed to be relaxing. It can help quiet a crying kid if you are lucky. Baby Shusher is an app that uses the same theory as the sound machines. However, instead of white noise or lullabies, it emits a shushing sound from your phone that can last for hours.

Toddler Lock

Toddler Lock is a simple app that displays colors and shapes combined with sounds on your phone to keep a fussy child preoccupied with something other than temper tantrums in busy restaurants. Plus, as you might be able to tell from the name, it safely locks your phone so the child cannot access anything that they aren’t supposed to. It may sound far-fetched that a young child can be that mesmerized by colors and shapes, but don’t knock it until you try it!

YouTube Kids

Putting a cartoon or some other sort of kid’s show in front of a young child is an amazing thing to see. It is sort of like they are being hypnotized, and YouTube Kids has enough quality kid programs that will have your child’s attention quickly. Plus, you do not have to feel too badly about them watching many of these videos because they are not only entertaining, but also educational.

Nest Egg Estimator

Remember that new millennial fathers have a responsibility to do their best to take care of the entire family. The Nest Egg Estimator app answers financial questions that may be weighing heavily on your mind. It can help you set an overall budget weighing your income against your expenses. It can guide you through financial planning for the future of your child or for you and your spouse. Have questions about Roth IRAs, a 401k, or other retirement savings? Nest Egg Estimator might be able to help. At the very least, it will provide you enough information to talk to a financial planner without sounding completely clueless.

Ryan Crawley is a writer and educator from Washington, Illinois. He enjoys using humor in all of his writing. You can find articles by him on several top Education, Parenting, and Fitness sites. To contact him, check out his LinkedIn profile.

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