Through the years we have had strong  yet beautiful images of Black fathers on television. For no particular reason we just decided to share our favorite because you can never highlight that Black Fatherhood is real and relevant. Further, these men although TV characters serve as models on what fatherhood for Black men looks like. All of these men had their own unique way of loving their kids and family. With a healthy balance of humor and seriousness, they highlight that we love our children the only way we know how or have been shown.

From top left to bottom right:

  1. Malik (Detectives J.C. Williams; New York Undercover) Yoba
  2. John (Pops; Wayans Bros) Witherspoon
  3. James (Uncle Phil; Fresh Prince of Bel Air) Avery
  4. Damon (Michael; My Wife and Kids) Wayans
  5. Sherman (George Jefferson; The Jeffersons) Hemsley
  6. Michael (Worf; Star Trek Enterprise) Dorn
  7. Redd (Fred Sanford; Sanford and Son) Foxx
  8. John (James Evans; Good Times) Amos
  9. George (George; Lopez Show) Lopez
  10. Avery (Commander Benjamin Sisko; Deep Space Nine) Brooks
  11. Terry (Julius; Everybody Hates Chris) Crews

Tell us who we’re missing? If there is enough maybe we will do a second list.

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Fathers Incorporated (FI) is a national, non-profit organization working to build stronger families and communities through the promotion of Responsible Fatherhood. Established in 2004, FI has a unique seat at the national table, working with leaders in the White House, Congress, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Family Law, and the Responsible Fatherhood Movement. FI works collaboratively with organizations around the country to identify and advocate for social and legislative changes that lead to healthy father involvement with children, regardless of the father’s marital or economic status, or geographic location. From employment and incarceration issues, to child support and domestic violence, FI addresses long-standing problems to achieve long-term results for children, their families, the communities, and nation in which they live.

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  1. Are you seriously going to omit Dr. Cosby from this list? He has influenced an entire generation of black children and you decide that he’s not worthy of mention… Where are all the stories and accusations now? I have heard anything in months. And if you believe this witch hunt you’re no better then the liars who started this mess!


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