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False Domestic Abuse Claims: the impact on your divorce or separation

By: Jeffery M. Leving; Matrimonial Attorney Did you ever yell at your spouse in a heated argument or touch your partner’s arm to emphasize a point in […]

“2015 Deadliest Year for Domestic Violence in a Decade for Georgia”

When I saw this headline yesterday on WCOT.com, a local news affiliate in Savanah, I was reminded that, as a Fatherhood organization, we MUST initiate and take […]

Five Things Fathers Need Their Little Girls To Know

I recently saw a Facebook post (from December 2013) of a father in Michigan that caught a 20 year old pedophile attempting to have sex with his 13 […]

Moving beyond the silence of domestic violence with Kenneth Braswell – Rolling Out

When brothers get together and speak about domestic violence, many things can come from this discussion. It is very challenging and helpful to engage one another so that […]