At Fathers Incorporated, we are fervent advocates for fatherhood, recognizing the enduring bonds between fathers and their children. This mission has led us to pay close attention to the landmark bipartisan initiative of Congressman Hank Johnson and Congressman Drew Ferguson, designating November 9th annually as “Gold Star Father’s Day.”

Countless servicemen and women have laid down their lives in defense of our nation, leaving behind families grappling with profound loss. While Gold Star Mothers have had a day of recognition since 1936, fathers who have lost children in service to our country have not been similarly recognized at a national level. This omission is what Congressman Johnson and Congressman Ferguson aim to address, a move that aligns deeply with our mission at Fathers Incorporated.

Historically, in Georgia’s General Assembly, a similar recognition had already been established. Thanks to the efforts of State Rep. Rhonda Burnough, H.R. 655 was unanimously passed in 2018, designating November 9th as Gold Star Father’s Day within Georgia. Now, Congressman Johnson and Congressman Ferguson seek to bring this recognition to the national stage, where it can touch the lives of countless fathers across the country.

Over 1.3 million members of the Armed Forces have been lost during wartime before the Iraq war, with over 4,400 additional losses since October 2001. These staggering figures not only represent individual heroes but also thousands of bereaved families living with the aftermath of their loved one’s sacrifice.

From our perspective at Fathers Incorporated, the significance of this resolution extends beyond a symbolic acknowledgment. It underscores our belief in the irreplaceable role fathers play in our society. Gold Star Fathers have made a unique and enormous sacrifice, one that deserves the highest respect and recognition. This national designation will validate their pain, honor their courage, and acknowledge their contribution to our society.

We are humbled and inspired by this monumental effort and express our sincerest gratitude to Congressman Johnson and Congressman Ferguson for their dedication to the cause. Fathers Incorporated, along with its constituents, stands firmly in support of this resolution. As we watch it move through the legislative process, we anticipate a favorable outcome and eagerly await the day when it becomes law.

The successful passage of this resolution will provide a platform for these fathers, and for all of us, to honor and remember the sacrifices they and their children have made. This day will also serve as a reminder to all of the cost of freedom and the families who bear it most heavily.

Once this resolution is successfully passed, we look forward to participating in the inaugural Gold Star Father’s Day and encourage our constituents to join us in this commemoration. Let’s join together in honoring these brave fathers, showing them our deepest respect, and ensuring their sacrifices will be remembered and honored for generations to come.

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