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Music has a way to bring back old memories that may have happened decades ago, and once a certain song starts to play, it’s like it just happened yesterday. It becomes fresh in our minds. We all have a sort of soundtrack for moments in our lives of songs that we will never forget.

As fathers, there are certain songs that can really get us emotional. It can come at us from all angles as well. Not only do we tear up about tunes that make us think of our own kids, but we get just as weepy about songs that have us recalling our own parents also. I don’t care how tough you may think you are, at least a few of these numbers will make your eyes start to water.

Dance with My Father

Damn you, Luther Vandross. Your song about your wish to get one more dance with your father again is kind of heartbreaking. And I’m not even a dancer. It’s about a father that passes away too early in life and leaves his family wishing for more memories with him. It has over 40 million views on YouTube, so if it makes you weepy, you won’t be alone.

I Miss My Friend

I don’t even think I know another Darryl Worley song, but if this one doesn’t make you think of your family somehow, then you might have been born without emotions. Whether you are going through a divorce, a spouse that passed on, or maybe it just makes you think of your relationship with your own father or child, grab a box of tissues and be prepared to be turned into a sobbing mess. The lyrics are beautifully written and could be applied to many relationships in our lives.

Handprints on the Wall

Kenny Rogers’ best song in my eyes will always be The Gambler or Coward of the County. But this little ditty of his is about a father recalling his time spent with his child as the years progress. One second the kid is crawling and the next they are moving out of the house. It is something that many fathers will be able to identify with.

Father and Son

I have to admit that I had never heard this song by Cat Stevens until I watched the second Guardians of the Galaxy. Since then, I have probably listened to it fifty times. It’s about a father imparting some simple wisdom to his son. Unfortunately, for many fathers, we don’t take the time to do this. This song will definitely provide you the reminder needed.

A Boy Named Sue

Let’s face it, fathers often make mysterious choices that will leave us scratching our heads. Johnny Cash recognized this when he decided to record this song. We may not understand why our fathers make the decisions they do, but maybe in the end we will get an explanation. This song probably will make you laugh a bit more than cry, but it will also have you thinking as well.

I’ll Be Home on Christmas Day

Elvis Presley sings this song about a man wishing he had made a few different choices in life. His wish in the tune is to come home on Christmas day and rejoin the family he left behind. Elvis sings it in a bluesy way that makes it even more enjoyable.

In My Life

The Beatles had many great songs, but this one has to be up there on the list. To think it was written by Lennon and McCartney while they were in their mid-20s is kind of astounding. Reading the lyrics would make you believe that someone much older had written this song. If you are a father thinking back on your life and listening to this tune while looking at old pictures, blame those tears on allergies. It’s about family and friends, lost loved ones, and memories that won’t ever fade away.

Cat’s in the Cradle

This classic by Harry Chapin is the ultimate song about lost time between a father and a son. First, the father is guilty in not making an effort to spend time with his son. It wasn’t a conscious decision, life just got in the way. But as the son gets older and becomes a man, the father realizes he made a mistake and would like to share the moments he lost out on earlier in life. Unfortunately, the son is now the one that no longer has time to spend with his father by then. The vicious circle of life.

Ryan Crawley is a writer and educator from Washington, Illinois. He enjoys using humor in all of his writing. You can find articles by him on several top Education, Parenting, and Fitness sites. To contact him, check out his LinkedIn profile.

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