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Fathers are keenly aware of how our time and attention shape our children. The effect a doting father has on their children stretches far more than just the emotional. According to research, it also has an effect on their health and overall well-being. But sometimes, it’s not just about time and devotion. Sometimes cash comes into play and these are some of the best reasons why an investment into a child’s future from an early age is necessary.

The Time Factor is Part of Every Investment

Whether the investment is for college or to set up a nest egg for a child, it’s important to start investing early. This is because all investments are time sensitive. Part of every investment that experiences positive growth is the compounding effect it has. This means that the growth of the investment counts towards to future growth if investors don’t touch the growth part of it at all. Over time, this allows them to build up a sizeable amount which is ideal for those who have children going to college.

Children Learn By Your Example, Not Only Your Words

As a father, it’s important to set the foundation right and there are few places as important as finances. A father that regularly saves and teaches his children to do the same, builds a better financial future for them. It’s not a guarantee that children will follow these principles, however, a healthy set of boundaries that accompany financial discipline goes a long way. This means that as a father, you have the privilege of setting up a financial base for your child, but that your child understands that this is not a given through every life cycle.

It Breaks the Chains of Poverty

Poverty is like a disease that infiltrates families and individuals faster than a father can say welfare. There are different reasons why people find themselves in the constant grip of poverty and those who learn to save from an early age, have a definite advantage over those who don’t. This is because an investment in a child’s future opens certain doors, the most important of these that of education.

It Changes A Child’s Mindset About Money

Another way an investment in a child’s future breaks the chains of poverty is that children who don’t have to worry about money for their education or future, think about money differently. Once again boundaries are important, but there are far more advantages to investments than disadvantages. Fathers who don’t want to invest in their children’s futures because they had to make their own way when they were younger, may feel that this is a means to educate. Instead, this is a means to keep everyone down and not improve the next generation’s start in life.

A Fatherless Nation and the Sense of Responsibility

Fathers who invest in their child’s future paint a different picture to the one currently in circulation as to the state of families. The Fatherless Nation is a worldwide phenomenon that crosses cultures and races. The effect on families is dire and often the financial gap is immense. Fathers who invest in their children from a young age can make a move to prevent this even if they are no longer in the picture. It takes one burden away from the community and hopefully inspires other dads to do the same. Those who are in a position to help their children from a young age may also be able to assist the community by helping another child. It takes a whole village to raise a child and sometimes it takes one father to raise a whole village.

It Strengthens the Financial Stability of the Family

The moment a father puts away money for a child’s future, the father is making a positive contribution to their financial standing. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the family as the family will not need to take on unnecessary debt in future. Debt tends to be a very uncomfortable yoke to carry and can take a father’s attention away from what is important, which is enjoying every moment with the family.

Fathers are under immense pressure to see to the financial needs of their families and shouldn’t lose sight of the goal. This goal is the overall wellbeing of their families, which means a balance between time and money. Rather spend a few extra moments with a growing child than merely just focusing on the financial mountain. The combination of the two will undoubtedly have a tremendous effect on that child. With the right balance, fathers never have to feel that the one has to suffer for the other.

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