Today my wife and I celebrate 5 years of marriage. It’s an accomplishment! It’s often ironic for me because I often notice that the men I work to serve are often NOT married, however the men I work with ARE married. It’s something about being married that settles your spirit and keeps you focused on the things that matter in your life. I heard a song the other day and in it there was a line that said, “I’m 22(?) and never been to a wedding. Not far fetched because I’m 53 and can count the number of weddings I’ve attended on one hand.

So, for black people I’m not sure where the reality of statistics begin and end for us. My good friend Lamar and Ronnie Tyler has a very successful business working specifically with Black married couples. So there must be a cohort of people out there, who happen to be black, still married and loving it.

I’m thankful today for a healthy relationship, healthy children, healthy business and a healthy state of mind. And I believe its all that way because we’re within the perfect will of God.

There is a line in one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes where we pretends to be married to get a discount on dry cleaning where he says “my wife and I” is a great way to start a sentence. Well, my wife and I look forward to one day celebrating our 50 anniversary, even though I’d be well over 100 years old and she’d be closing in. However I guess we’d be a great Today Show story. So tune in on Oct 17th, 2060!

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