While there are many things to which I am pleased regarding the Million Man March; there is one thing that still irks me. In fact pisses me off to the extent that I now believe that if we (those of us in the responsible fatherhood and black male acheivement space) don’t tell our own stories and testimonies; NO ONE WILL. I am convinced now more than ever that our community and society (for the most part) are much more comfortable blaming, attributing and using black fathers to explain away our social ills. 

The narrative is a lie…a myth…an absolute untruth…Pew Research (The New American Dad; June 14, 2013) and other collections of data is now proving that. We understand that while we have a long way to go in ensuring that black men have the resources and support to contribute to the raising of their children; there are sooooooo many more black fathers doing the right thing and raising their children the best way they can.

I am disappointed that the conversation of Black Fathers did not have a platform to voice our accomplishments, needs and desires on the main stage. Maybe its a good thing, because I am motivated now, more than ever to strengthen the work with Black Men and Boys.

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Fathers Incorporated (FI) is a national, non-profit organization working to build stronger families and communities through the promotion of Responsible Fatherhood. Established in 2004, FI has a unique seat at the national table, working with leaders in the White House, Congress, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Family Law, and the Responsible Fatherhood Movement. FI works collaboratively with organizations around the country to identify and advocate for social and legislative changes that lead to healthy father involvement with children, regardless of the father’s marital or economic status, or geographic location. From employment and incarceration issues, to child support and domestic violence, FI addresses long-standing problems to achieve long-term results for children, their families, the communities, and nation in which they live.

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