Exploring the History, Importance and Relevance of Fatherhood on Television

Fatherhood is a crucial aspect of human life, and it has been depicted on television for decades. The representation of fatherhood on television has evolved over time, reflecting changing social norms and values.

Understanding Fatherhood and the Ideation of Suicide

Suicide is a serious and complex issue that affects many individuals and families worldwide. Fatherhood, being a role that comes with immense responsibilities and pressures, can also contribute to mental health challenges and suicidal ideation.

The Importance of Metro Atlanta Dads Lending Their Voices to the National Conversation on Parent Engagement and Education

Fathers Incorporated teamed up with the Morehouse School of Medicine to host a Parent Empowerment listening session led by the U.S. Department of Education with 30 dads and other community representatives.

Exploring the Need to Include Fathers and the Paternal Family in Foster Care

The foster care system was created to protect and care for children who are unable to live with their biological families due to neglect, abuse, or other reasons.

The Impact of Shame and Guilt on Father Absence

Father absence has become a growing concern in our society. With research suggesting that children growing up without fathers are more likely to experience negative outcomes such as behavioral problems, poor academic performance, and increased risk of substance abuse and mental health issues.

5 Tips to Forming a Workable Co-Parenting Relationship

When it comes to co-parenting, it’s important to establish a workable relationship for the benefit of your children.

Understanding Why Men are Hesitant to Ask for Help

For many men, asking for help can be a daunting prospect. There are various reasons why men might be hesitant to seek support, including social conditioning, stigma, and a fear of vulnerability.

Fathers Incorporated to host 7th Graduation of 40 Black Dads on the Heels of the Death of Tyre Nichols

“It is unfortunate that this particular celebration will take place after the nation watched the released video of the murder of Tyre Nichols. While we celebrate the accomplishment of our dads, we also have mourn the death of yet another Black Man who happen to be the father of a 4-year-old son.”

Parental Conflict Contributes to Irreconcilable Consequences for Children

Fathers Incorporated is going to do what we do best, educate, bring awareness, and form real-time context to the issue of parental conflict, especially as it relates to fatherhood.

Consider Contributing to Fathers Incorporated as we Build Families, One Father at a Time.

Fathers Incorporated requests your support by donating during Giving Tuesday.  We are setting a goal of raising $5,000.

Long-Standing Georgia Law Stands Between Fatherhood and Children

Long-Standing Georgia Law Stands Between Fatherhood and Children. Legitimation is a policy that determines the legal status of non-married fathers in relation to his child. When children are legitimized, fathers have the right and authority to make decisions in support of their well-being. In all states but Georgia, legitimation for non-married fathers is determined at the time of paternity.

New “Dadication” Documentary Illustrates How Actively Involved Dads Significantly Contribute to Happier, Healthier Children

This latest creative installment of the “Dadication” campaign seeks to promote confidence among fathers, shedding light on their essential roles and encouraging them to play a more active part in their children’s lives.

Fathers Incorporated is appointed to Biden’s National Parents and Families Engagement Council

“We are honored to play a part in this critical work. It is also incredible that Fathers Incorporated will play a role in ensuring that the voices of dads are a relevant and necessary part of the conversation when talking about our children’s education.”

Fathers Incorporated hosts the 6th Graduation of Black Dads in Metro Atlanta from its Gentle Warriors Academy

Since April 2021, Fathers Incorporated (FI) has touched over 1600 dads in Metro Atlanta, seeking responsible fatherhood services.

Fathers Incorporated to partner with Football Hall of Fame for Fatherhood Festival

Hall of Fame Village powered by Johnson Controls today announced event details for the Fatherhood Festival to be held Father’s Day Weekend, June 17-19, at its Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium by the Fatherhood Institute.