ATLANTA, GA- Terence Lester and his wife Cecilia is no stranger for the cause of the homeless. In 2013 they founded Love Beyond Walls. The agency is focused on spreading love to the less fortunate in a variety of ways such as volunteering, donation collection, and community collaboration. Each month, Love Beyond Walls serves 400-500 people/families ranging from homeless individuals to low-income families through various programs.

This past August Terence began his of 648 miles from the SCLC (Southern Leadership Christian Conference) Atlanta Headquarters to the White House in Washington, DC. The walk is part of their campaign MAP16 (March Against Poverty) to give voice to the over 100 million people living in poverty in America

The campaign will not only give a voice to the millions of people that suffer with impoverished lifestyles, but also raise support to start the “Love Center” (a resource facility for the poor in Atlanta, GA) and enable the organization to share real-time stories from those who struggle day-to-day.  The vision is simple; to build one of the largest collaborative non-profit agencies in the world starting with “The Love Center.”

“A place where the homeless could come and shower, a place where single moms could have access to a free laundry room, where the elderly would have a place to help them when they were faced with food insecurity, a place where people who struggled with poverty could be educated and equipped with skills that would help them become self-sufficient, and a place where those who are hopeless could receive mental health counseling.” says, Terence.


Just this past March, Love Beyond Walls launched a free Laundry Room in their headquarters for low-income families and homeless individuals to have a place to wash their clothes for free with dignity. Since 2013, the organization has been breaking down barriers in the Atlanta community through service and dedication to their community. Other previous Love Beyond Walls projects that have gained local and national attention include; campaigns for school uniform donations for needy students, launching a mobile makeover bus for the homeless, and collecting over 1,000,000 resources for Flint, MI.

For more information about the organization and MAP16 or to donate or volunteer visit

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