So my friends at Play-Well TEK hooked me up with this awesome Fathers Incorporated  Bow Tie. As I explore the possibilities, I’m wondering when will the following items arrive:

Lego Pants (easier to add and remove legos to match my weight)

Lego Shoes (can make my self taller)

Lego Hat (I can never find the right size)

Lego Handkerchief (why not)

Lego Watch (yeah, it’s a stretch but it can be done)

Lego BMW (since I can’t afford a real one)

Lego House (since the Big Bad Wolf only wanted to blow down the straw, wood and brick one)

I know, it doesn’t take much to make a grown man happy. Thank you Play-Well; I look forward to the conversations my new tie will stimulate.


Posted by Fathers Incorporated

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