On Mother’s Day, many fathers seek ways to honor the mothers of their children. Sometimes, there is not a mom in the equation but another adult who plays an important role in the child’s life who deserves appreciation, such as a grandmother or aunt. Here are four fun ways for parents and children to celebrate the day:


Mother’s Day is synonymous with brunch for many people. But if you have young children, going to a crowded, potentially overbooked restaurant can be more of a strain than a treat. Instead of a reservation, consider making a meal at home. By planning and cooking a special meal (or maybe baking a special treat) you can show your love and enjoy the fruits – or scrambled eggs – of your labor together. Depending on your comfort level in the kitchen, it also can be a great way for children to express their creativity through inventive food, special place settings, or writing out a fancy menu.

Take It Outside

In most parts of the country, May offers ideal weather to be outdoors. There are many national and local parks that offer a range of trail options with varying levels of difficulty (easy, moderate, and hard) providing everyone with a break from digital and other distractions. It’s a great opportunity to talk together. Ask Mom about her favorite things, or her memories from growing up. You can discover local birds, plants, and other local park features together.

Record Memories

Have your child interview mom, aunt, grandma, or another special person and record it on video. This may be as simple as using your phone or tablet. Think of a few questions in advance that can trigger her memories such as:

  • Tell me about the day I was born.
  • What’s the thing you like best about your mom?
  • What’s your favorite thing to do? If she says spend time with you/family, ask her about her favorite way to spend that time together

If your child is a budding film maker, he or she may want to create a family story that can be shared as a gift with mom. Still photos may be integrated with video clips and music. This may be an activity that some older children might want to take on independently, too.

Volunteer Together

Consider volunteering your time as a family at a local community service provider. This may entail food preparation or serving meals, sorting clothes, or visiting moms at a senior center. By working together to give back to mothers and others in your community, you will gain a greater appreciation for each other. Find out more about ways to volunteer as a family in this DadTalk Blog.

These are just a few suggestions for ways to make your Mother’s Day memorable. Let us know on Facebook and Twitter at @FatherhoodGov the ways that you celebrate this Mother’s Day by using #MakeAMoment.

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