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The Vicious Cycle of Fatherhood

The alpha and omega; the yin and yang, the beginning and the end, the ups and the down are all apart of the craziness and beauty of fatherhood. […]

What Happens When Parents Overthink Things!?

If You Had A Choice; (person living or dead) Who Would You Like to Have Dinner With? (take a moment and answer this before you read on […]

Inspiring your daughter’s inner Girl Boss

by Special Guest Blogger: Fatherhoodgov There’s something special about dads and daughters. It’s a special and unique connection, and beyond being a source of happiness, being a […]

How to Teach Hope to Children in a Seemingly Hopeless World

Blackish sets a great example of Media Consciousness By Kenneth Braswell (@fathersincorp) I said I wasn’t going to cry; yet, I did. Last night I waited with […]

The Impact of Absent Fathers on the Mental Health of Black Boys

This rarely talked about subject is critically important in address the impact of fatherlessness in our children. The Impact of Absent Fathers on the Mental Health of […]

A Different Motivation to Lose Weight

So here we are again, at the end of the year and contemplating what resolutions I’m going to make for 2016. At the top of the list, […]

Thank You for Keeping Your Promise Daddy!

By Patrick Patterson Recently I picked our girls up from school and in my normal fashion I asked “How was your Day”? Our oldest answered with the […]

The Reflection I Can’t Help Seeing!

Today like many times my son and I are together; I get to see a glimpse of myself time past. It’s in these quiet reflection moments that […]

Dr. King on Vacation; I Wonder!

I had a very strange thought while on work/vacation this week. I wondered what Dr. King thought about on vacation. I’m sure from time to time someone […]