Month: April 2016

Creating a Lifetime Memory by Bringing Your Child to Work

When the daughter of one of my employees was about eight years old he took her to work at the environmental engineering firm that I owned. Once […]

Fathers Incorporated’s Favorite TV Dads

Through the years we have had strong  yet beautiful images of Black fathers on television. For no particular reason we just decided to share our favorite because […]

Can You Keep Gossip In Check?

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve found out that someone was talking trash about you behind your back or worse… spreading lies, you are […]

Unraveling the Technological Coil of Parenting

#throwbackblog By Kenneth Braswell (February 5, 2011)  The 1970’s were an interesting time of social development for pre teens and teenagers. Much like those before us, we grew […]

Keeping Children Safe At Any Age: Safety Tips for Dads

Accidents can happen to anyone, sometimes even under Dad’s watchful eye. The most important thing dads can do to keep their children safe is stay informed about […]

Are You Letting The Day Get Away From You? How To Become Ruthless About Getting Stuff Done

Have you ever thought about how short life really is? When you’re in your teens and twenties it seems like you’ve got all the time on earth […]

Hustling, Working and Doing Odd End Jobs: A Man’s Employment Reality

A #THROWBACK BLOG (JULY 2013) By Kenneth Braswell This week I was struck by a line I saw in an article entitled,  “Rigorous Schools Put College Dreams […]

Don’t Be Afraid To Pursue Your Biggest, Boldest Dreams

When I was in my first year of college, I had a professor who told me that writing and speaking was not my forte and that I […]

A 30 Day Journey to Change My Health Habits

A little over a month ago I was at a conference speaking and going through my normal routine. No eating before I speak, isolating myself, changing what […]

Roman Reigns: WWE Champion in the Ring and in Fatherhood

Congratulations to Roman Reigns for capturing the #WWE World Heavyweight Championship during #wrestlemania 32. His match with Triple H was epic, however we are also proud that […]

Wrestlemania Still for the Old at Heart

Would I be considered old if I told you I remember watching Bruno Sammartino and that when we watched wrestling in NYC it came on close to […]