Month: February 2016

My Son’s Smile: Fatherhood Priceless

Sometimes a moment in your life can last a lifetime. Today I had the chance; like many times before to read to my son’s class. However this […]

Fatherhood: Piece by Piece

I woke up this morning with a slew of inbox messages on both my personal and professional Facebook page. At first I though it was someone spamming […]

Is it Too Soon to Tell My Family What I Want for Father’s Day?

I’m sitting today with what seems to be everyday occurrence with this knot in my neck. I know its stress, anxiety about the accomplishment of goals, not […]

How to Teach Hope to Children in a Seemingly Hopeless World

Blackish sets a great example of Media Consciousness By Kenneth Braswell (@fathersincorp) I said I wasn’t going to cry; yet, I did. Last night I waited with […]

Sharing a Night with Chick-fil-a, Dads and Daughters

It couldn’t have been a more touching night for Fathers Incorporated to be involved with. Chick-fil-a hosted its annual Daddy Date Night and we were able to […]

Create a Winning Team through Group Facilitation

In the 2005 movie Coach Carter, Samuel L. Jackson plays a high school basketball coach challenged with developing his team into successful students, competitors, and citizens. He […]

Three Things To Know When Preparing to Teach Your Children to Drive

By Kenneth Braswell Recently I took my 16-year-old daughter out for her second driving lesson. Well, I’ll stop short of calling it a lesson; let’s just say […]

Braswell and Miller Partner to Host Free Book Signing in DC

Fatherhood Expert Kenneth Braswell + Social Entrepreneur David Miller will Celebrate Black History by hosting a free book reading +signing for DC Children at Sankofa Video Books […]

Do You Have the Faith to be a Daddy?

by Darrell Freeman Life has a lot of possible impossibilities, in other words things that seem so impossible for man are very possible with God. You cannot […]

A Date at Chick-Fil-A with our Daughters

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and men begin to think about how we’re going to express our appreciation for our love ones, Chick-Fil-A presents us an […]

Children Deserve to Know More About the World They Live

Executive Director of Fathers Incorporated, Kenneth Braswell, is no stranger to finding ways to help his community address sensitive subjects. His professional career is grounded in running […]

Fatherhood Expert Kenneth Braswell Celebrates Black History with Free Book Signing

Urban Grind Coffee House will host fatherhood expert and executive director of Fathers Incorporated, Kenneth Braswell for a book reading and signing event for Atlanta children on […]