Month: February 2016

My Son’s Smile: Fatherhood Priceless

Sometimes a moment in your life can last a lifetime. Today I had the chance; like many times before to read to my son’s class. However this […]

Fatherhood: Piece by Piece

I woke up this morning with a slew of inbox messages on both my personal and professional Facebook page. At first I though it was someone spamming […]

Is it Too Soon to Tell My Family What I Want for Father’s Day?

I’m sitting today with what seems to be everyday occurrence with this knot in my neck. I know its stress, anxiety about the accomplishment of goals, not […]

How to Teach Hope to Children in a Seemingly Hopeless World

Blackish sets a great example of Media Consciousness By Kenneth Braswell (@fathersincorp) I said I wasn’t going to cry; yet, I did. Last night I waited with […]

Sharing a Night with Chick-fil-a, Dads and Daughters

It couldn’t have been a more touching night for Fathers Incorporated to be involved with. Chick-fil-a hosted its annual Daddy Date Night and we were able to […]

Create a Winning Team through Group Facilitation

In the 2005 movie Coach Carter, Samuel L. Jackson plays a high school basketball coach challenged with developing his team into successful students, competitors, and citizens. He […]

Three Things To Know When Preparing to Teach Your Children to Drive

By Kenneth Braswell Recently I took my 16-year-old daughter out for her second driving lesson. Well, I’ll stop short of calling it a lesson; let’s just say […]

Braswell and Miller Partner to Host Free Book Signing in DC

Fatherhood Expert Kenneth Braswell + Social Entrepreneur David Miller will Celebrate Black History by hosting a free book reading +signing for DC Children at Sankofa Video Books […]

Do You Have the Faith to be a Daddy?

by Darrell Freeman Life has a lot of possible impossibilities, in other words things that seem so impossible for man are very possible with God. You cannot […]

A Date at Chick-Fil-A with our Daughters

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and men begin to think about how we’re going to express our appreciation for our love ones, Chick-Fil-A presents us an […]