Month: November 2015

The Reflection I Can’t Help Seeing!

Today like many times my son and I are together; I get to see a glimpse of myself time past. It’s in these quiet reflection moments that […]

stylemic: This dad started a daddy-daughter hair braiding class — and it’s amazing In a post on Reddit, Philippe Morgese from South Florida announced that he just […]

Author Pens Children’s Book to Help Young Children Understand Black Lives Matter

Atlanta, GA—Executive Director of Fathers Incorporated, Kenneth Braswell, is no stranger to finding ways to help his community address sensitive subjects. His professional career is grounded in […]

Wrestling with Disappointment When “I’m Sorry” is Not Enough

by Kenneth Braswell Recently I’ve been struggling with identifying how I’ve been feeling lately. Which is an oddity in itself because men aren’t suppose to care or acknowledge how […]

In order to be successful in life, you have to know what motivates you. More importantly, what and who supports you.

Parenting the Bruce Lee in Me!

This weekend I watched my six-year-old place first place in Karate in both form and sparring. The night before him and I watched youtube episodes of Bruce […]

Moving beyond the silence of domestic violence with Kenneth Braswell – Rolling Out

When brothers get together and speak about domestic violence, many things can come from this discussion. It is very challenging and helpful to engage one another so that […]

Dr. King on Vacation; I Wonder!

I had a very strange thought while on work/vacation this week. I wondered what Dr. King thought about on vacation. I’m sure from time to time someone […]